HVAC and Indoor Air Quality: Hand In Hand

Significance of Air Quality

As COVID19 has swept across the nation, the air quality of your home is more important than ever. Your HVAC unit is essential in filtering the contents of your home’s atmosphere, as the system continually circulates the air throughout your residence. Without proper filtration techniques, dirt, debris, dust, and pathogens are more difficult to remove.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Likewise, indoor air pollutants are considered to be in the top 5 environmental risks to the public. Harmful airborne bacteria and viruses such as the novel Coronavirus are more likely to populate your home without measures of air purification with your heating and air system.

Improved Ventilation and Filtering

The simplest way to begin tackling this issue is through improved ventilation and filtering in your home. This can be done through natural means such as opening your windows or doors. The more technical way is through mechanical measures in the heating and cooling unit. By proper installation and frequent replacement of your home’s HVAC air filter, the cloth of the filter will catch the contaminants in the air and pull them from being recirculated back into your home’s atmosphere.

Home Air Filter Replacement | Air Quality


One of the newest and most innovative ways to achieve pristine air quality is through the iWave-R. As your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning experts, Triangle suggests this proven air purification technology. Using an ion generator, these particles break down the dust, debris, and pathogens in the air. In recent studies, the rate of reduction for COVID19 using the iWave in a duct air conditioning system was 99.4%. This technology can be installed directly into your home to increase your indoor air purity today!

iWave Clean Air vs. Pollutants | Air Quality


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